About this brace balancing site and its creator

I developed this site to give programmers an easy way to visually balance braces (a.k.a., curly braces), parentheses, brackets, and tags in their computer code. I was frustrated by Dreamweaver's Mickey Mouse method of balancing braces, which highlights only the one section of code enclosed by brackets surrounding the cursor, which must be manually placed with the mouse. In contrast, my method doesn't require you to place the mouse cursor, and in one step it gives you an intuitive way to visually check if your braces (or parentheses, brackets, etc.) are balanced. You can easily determine which braces open and close any given code section (they're highlighted in the same color). My brace balancing utility allows you to balance braces no matter how deeply nested they are, and their nesting is also immediately apparent visually.

Thought of the day

One of the great mysteries of the world: Why Microsoft thought Windows 8 was a good idea.